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The Henriques Group is a Portuguese multinational company that was founded in 1980 and has been developing its activity in two main areas.

Apart from the development being mostly in the metalworking industry, in which the group was originated, it has also bet on the environmental area.

With around 150 direct employees, the Group has grown in the various international markets, regardless of its presence to be direct or indirect, due to the diversification of products/services and its ability to offer an integrated and complete service, based on differentiating solutions.

1980 – Foundation of HENRIQUES & HENRIQUES by Saúl Henriques

2002 – Creation of ECODEPUR

2003 – Creation of PETROMETAL

2005 – Creation of PETROMETAL Ukraine

2007 – Creation of Holding HENRIQUES SGPS

2009 – Creation of ECODEPUR Morocco

2012 – Creation of H&H Morocco

2013 – Creation of H&H Nigeria

2018 – Creation of Petrometal Rússia